Monday, October 19, 2009

So this past week everyone in the house has come down with a cold. There's sickness everywhere. The sole person in our house, Jon, who exercises regularly pretty much bypassed it -- i think he got a cough, for like, a half hour -- and apparently the rest of us were not as fit as much as we hoped, thus our poorly performing immune system. Sinta, our health-guru-in-residence kindly and generously let us use her Metagenic's Ultra Potent-C Powder, which is pure vitamin C. She advised us to take a teaspoon with a small mug of warm water every fifteen minutes until it basically all blasts out of you. It takes a day or two to really work, but it does help, and the symptoms were lessened. Food-wise, we've been downing steaming cups of citrus tasting water and chicken noodle soup. Unfortunately, this specific brand is only available at health clinics, but there are other versions available at the local pharmacy.

If this isn't something you're up for, or if you're too low on cash, the other suggestion I have would be to do a exercise regime of one hundred jumping jacks, yoga, fly girl dancing and a twelve mile long bike ride ( boots with heels gives you a plus for audacity and a minus for possible pain later on). All you need is plenty of water, some WD40, music and a badass state of mind. Also, be mindful. And don't fall prey to alcohol or cigarettes. That's just dumb.

-- posted by Michelle

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