Sunday, August 30, 2009

day of magic

yesterday was the first unofficial day of fall. the previous night was filled with wine, corn, eggplant and good company. we woke up and promptly made french toast on an iron skillet over the range with powdered sugar and wonder bread from the 8th street market. jon was worried he was a pig because he ate three french toasts instead of that allotted two. nick and i had to split one to make up for it but it was alright because mayme made more. after the rest of the company left and we had cleaned up, mayme and i decided to take a walk across the bridge into dinkytown and go window shopping. we commented on how cute the shorts were but didn't intend to buy as we were both broke. when we arrived back home we decided to eat (again) and jon showed up. looking around at what we had on hand mayme made the executive decision to cook up homemade spaghetti sauce with fried zucchini, while jon whipped up a rhubarb crisp from the garden (his first!) ate outside with candles and freshly cut flowers, a hunk of serious looking cheese, a shared napkin, tea and max's computer to document the whole affair. we garnished the meal with fresh basil and ate until we were suffering from heartburn...basically it was a perfect amount of food and the perfect end of summer meal. btw. jon's crisp was more of a rhubarb sauce with crispy edges which paired perfectly with ice cream. i'd highly recommend it. drunk on food, sugar and starch we got silly on facebook and posted tons of images no one else would care about, but us. mayme suggested we sleep on the porch (her second slumber party in a row!) where we watched mad men season 1. then we fell asleep. woke up the next day and again, unsurprisingly, mayme immediately got to work on grating potatoes cross legged on the floor while we looked on with supportive words/ expressions. we better get to helping her now.

signing off,
jon and michelle

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